Let us live a life of Gratitude without fear of change

*From August Issue of SNI Toronto Newsletter by Rev. Yoshiharu Taka

In July, I had two big changes occur to me at about the same time. On July 9th, my wife and my daughter returned to Japan for good. On July 16th, I moved to an apartment in Toronto with my son.

This is my 4th year in Canada, but I have never expected my family would experience two moves at once. Moving itself is not easy. However, I myself learned something new every day through the move and the change of the environment.

We experience many changes in our lives. Every time we face change, we grow spiritually. That is because, there is true existence called True Image beyond the Phenomena which changes.

We are taught that Man is a child of God and has infinite power, but if we live a life without any change, we get used to that way of living and our spiritual growth will stop. Then, we will not be able to manifest our infinite power which exists within.

If we change the living environment, we will notice the nature is diverse. By looking at the nature we can feel how wonderful the True Image World, created by God which exists beyond the appearance, truly is.

Founder of Seicho-No-Ie Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi wrote in his book “365 Golden Keys To The Summit of Fulfillment” as follows:


Changes Occur Where There Is Life

… Unless there is living life, changes will not take place. Things like bronze statues, dried food and skeletons do not undergo much change because they no longer have a living life. Changes are the media through which the infinite is being expressed. That is why eternal Life vibrates to make itself felt in man’s intuition in every aspect of life, even when it is seemingly undergoing vain, meaningless changes. In the “ever-changing” is the unchanging; a flashing moment holds eternity. To live “NOW” is to live “eternity” at the same time. If you call this to mind constantly in your daily life, i.e., bearing in mind, the reason for changes, every second of your life will take on a greater meaning and will find itself blessed.


(365 Golden Keys To The Summit of Fulfillment” pp156-157)



The phenomenal world which stems from our five senses is the 4th dimensional world which consists of space and time. Therefore, we cannot express our infinite power at one moment. Through the change we will  be eager to express our infinite power. The more we know about the Truth, the more effort we will put in to express our infinite power by repeatedly practicing and challenging new things.


How Blessed Physical Changes!

As this world is ephemeral and ever-changing, the key to change the physical aspects into better or worse rests in your hands. If this were not a world of constant changes, it would be so uninteresting:

Japan would not provide a variety of beauty for us. to enjoy the way it does as the four seasons change and roll into spring, summer, autumn and winter nor could we experience the joys of nature at various stages in our lives-joy of growing into childhood from infancy, of developing the vigor, liveliness and activeness of youth, of forming a family in harmony and happiness and of embracing grandchildren in later years.

With the breaking of dawn, the sun rises in the eastern sky, and at dusk it sets in the west and casts golden hues on the sea. Oh, how glorious! How marvelous and beautiful change is! …

(365 Golden Keys To The Summit of Fulfillment” pp157-158)


Man Knows Only Progress and Development

Pitiful are those who, unable to regard changes as joy, deplore the decline of today compared with a flourishing yesterday. Foolish are those who carry over the troubles of yesterday into today and repeatedly feel the same sensation of pain and worry. Just as plants undergo changes with spring, summer, autumn and winter, so life sees spring, summer, autumn and winter. Just as in winter, when they appear not to be growing much, trees create finer and better wood, increasing· denser rings; so can man cultivate a· sound character coupled with infallible will power through adversities. Those who worry in anticipation of what changes may take place in the future, are people who are ignorant of the intention and mercy of God, who has created this world as an art of, changes. There is no question that the future has something richer and more prosperous in store for us.

(365 Golden Keys To The Summit of Fulfillment” pp158-159)


In this way, by knowing the Truth, we stop worrying and fearing change. Rather we will enjoy the change and we will live life with gratitude. Then our wave length will match with the wave length of God, we will be able to freely express ourselves as a master of life. Thank you very much.

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