*This is a piece from June Issue of Seicho-No-Ie Toronto Newsletter, written by Rev. Yoshiharu Taka

I started commuting by bicycle when the long awaited spring came in May. We also planned to go cycling after the Sunday service on May 15th at Taylor Creek Park. However, due to the cold weather, as if winter weather was back, we had to cancel. I also heard the news on the Internet that we cannot expect blooming of the cherry blossoms this year, which we usually are able to enjoy at the beginning of May at High Park.

In other news, about 90,000 people from Fort McMurray in Alberta were forced to evacuate and about 1,600 buildings were burned down by the wild fire which started at the beginning of May. I would like to express my sympathy to all the victims of the wild fire.

Recently, we have more extreme types of weather than before, and it is said that these extreme kinds of weather have been caused by global warming and this global warming has been caused by carbon dioxide which have been emitted though our daily living and activities. We also should know that our future depends on our small deeds every day and we could either choose to emit lots of carbon dioxide or not to do so.

Furthermore, the reason we change our diet more towards vegetable, fish and seafood is because if almost all human beings ate meat, destruction of the environment will worsen.

Therefore, whether we can save this mother earth or not, it depends on our way of living, whether we live the way of living for each individual’s satisfaction or for the sake of whole life.

Buddhism teaches us, “Don’t do anything evil. Practice all the good things.” 諸悪莫作、衆善奉行 [Shoaku Makusa, Shuzen Bugyo]”

Since this phenomenal world is governed by the law of cause and effect, if we continue to do good things, we accumulate good karma and we will receive good results. If we continue to do bad things, we accumulate bad karma and we will receive bad results.

As it is taught in the Divine Message of Soul Evolution, “To express the True Image of man, the child of God, in the phenomenal world is the purpose of life” as we know the Truth, “Man is a child of God” and to live as a child of God, we have to know the will of God and put into practice the will of God.

President of Seicho-No-Ie, Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi wrote in “Song in Praise of Bodhisattva Who Reflects the Sound of the World” as follows:


Human beings are branch spirits of God,
God’s messengers,
God’s self-realizations
To realize good upon the earth.
Therefore I say to you,
If you wish to do good,
You must know God’s will.
Do not lose sight of God
By clinging to your own positions.

Good is to practice the will of God,
And it is nothing other than that.
Therefore, Jesus Christ taught:
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.”

(“Song in Praise of Bodhisattva Who Reflects the Sound of the World” pp. 22-24)


In other words, since the world created by God is perfect and harmonious and Man is created in His Image, the more we realize that the True Image is perfect and harmonious, the more we earnestly would like to manifest True Image world where human beings and nature are already in grand harmony on this earth. Then, how can we realize good in the True Image World in this phenomenal world?

In order for us to do that, it is good to use the power of words. In the Seven Promulgations of Light, it is written as “5. We believe that we, children of God, have infinite power and plenty within ourselves and can attain absolute freedom by following the creative way of words.”

In Seicho-No-Ie, this power of words consists of 1. Thoughts, 2. Spoken Word and 3. Facial Expression. (Please see “Truth of Life” vol1. P. 27) This is the same as the three karmas of actions, words, and thoughts in Buddhism. In order for us to purify the three karmas, it is important to put into practice the “Three Important Religious Practices (Shinsokan, reading the holy sutras and the songs of praise [Song in Praise of Nature, Song in Praise of the Bodhisattva Who Reflects the Sounds of the World], reading Seicho-No-Ie books and other publications, and carrying out deeds of love)” in our daily life.

Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi wrote ’Three Great Secrets to Help You Realize Your Divinity’ in his book “356 Golden Keys to Completely Free Life” as follows:


What is more important than anything else is to strengthen your awareness or realization that God, who is the source of infinite love, wisdom, life and power, is residing within you. Depending upon the extent to which you acquire this awareness you will be liberated from all worry, troubles, fears, sufferings, etc.

(“356 Golden Keys to Completely Free Life” p.160-161)


We are taught that in order for us to deepen this awareness, it is again important to put into practice the “Three Important Religious Practices.” In other words, by reading the book in which the Truth is written, we know the Truth. By practicing Shinsokan Meditation, the awareness as a child of God will be in the bottom of our heart or subconscious mind.  Since God is Love, by practicing love toward not only human beings but also towards all life and minerals on earth, we can surely manifest the world where nature and human beings are in grand harmony to this world. Thank you very much.

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